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I didn't start carving until 1982 even though I've always had a bit of creativity and a whole lot of inquisitiveness.

I have tried many kinds of woodcarving from sculpting to whittling but lean to the possibilities that driftwood allows.

I begin by locating suitable pieces of driftwood from the shores of Lake Superior, brought down the many rivers that empty themselves into the big lake. After scavenging the beach for many miles and filling my pack sack with only those pieces which call out to me for freedom, do I head for the solitude of my carving bench to set these captives free.

I spend countless enjoyable hours on the beach in search of the right pieces. Not just any piece will do, it has to have character and possibility. Each piece is unique unto itself, like a person, and has its own personality. It's very exciting to find a piece and have it look back at you, only to leap back into the wood, later to be brought out again by my knives.

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